World Cup Soccer

World Cup Soccer is a popular slots game, which would suit sport-lovers perfectly.

The game includes a lot of funny symbols, which are connected to soccer play as well as sports in general.


Pirates is a thrilling slots game, which would attract adventure-lovers for sure.

Pirates is rather dynamic and challenging slots game and suits perfectly for players, whose favorite children's hero was Jack Sparrow.

Kitty Glitter

Kitty Glitter is a lovely slots game, which includes different pictures of Kitty Glitter.

Kitty Glitter slots are the bright example of successful and popular themed slots, which are widely played through the world.


Superhero slots present animated adventures of Superhero and his friends.

If you are a kind of person, who like Superhero and admire the way he copes with various difficulties, Superhero slots are just for you.

A great variety of slots symbols

Since appearance of the first slot machines, which was about 120 years ago, they have been always associated with different funny symbols that appear on reels in various combinations and define notably whether you win or lose.

Therefore, it is so important for your winnings to understand what various slots symbols do really indicate, how to differ among them and what they could mean implicitly.

Types of slots symbols

Both land-based and online slot machines have certain symbols depicted on their reels, but not all of them are common. Particularly, there are usual symbols, which are used in normal slot game, and special ones called bonus, scatter and wild symbols, which mainly appear in slots bonuses rounds or when players hit online jackpots.

Bonus symbols

If it happens so that bonus symbols appear on the reels, it means that gamblers' dearest wishes come true. The explanation is simple: if you get a bonus symbol at any position at reels, not obligatory on pay line, then you would have an opportunity to play some bonus round or even bonus game of several rounds.

In many cases bonus slots symbols are animated or designed in a different way than usual symbols look like. One of the most widespread bonus symbols type is a scatter symbol.

Scatter symbols

The main distinctive feature of scatter symbols is that they should not have to appear on paylines in order to give a result and, moreover, wild symbols cannot serve as substitutes for scatter ones.

Scatter symbols are usually of special subject area, for instance, Aladdin slot machine offers a genie as a scatter symbol, or Caesar's Gold provides an additional scatter icon of Coliseum.

If there are 3 or more scatter symbols appeared on reels a significant payoff is implied. In addition, the value of payout increases by leaps and bounds with the quantity of scatter symbols hit. All the information about this kind of slots symbols should be provided in pay table.

Wild symbols

Wild symbols peculiarity is that they could substitute usual symbols and such combinations are still regarded as winning ones.

Wild symbols are also special because they usually provide very high payouts comparably with usual winning combinations.

Wild symbols could be designed in different ways, for example, in classic fruit machine a cherry is considered to be a wild symbol and yields much higher payout than usual symbols combination.