World Cup Soccer

World Cup Soccer is a popular slots game, which would suit sport-lovers perfectly.

The game includes a lot of funny symbols, which are connected to soccer play as well as sports in general.


Pirates is a thrilling slots game, which would attract adventure-lovers for sure.

Pirates is rather dynamic and challenging slots game and suits perfectly for players, whose favorite children's hero was Jack Sparrow.

Kitty Glitter

Kitty Glitter is a lovely slots game, which includes different pictures of Kitty Glitter.

Kitty Glitter slots are the bright example of successful and popular themed slots, which are widely played through the world.


Superhero slots present animated adventures of Superhero and his friends.

If you are a kind of person, who like Superhero and admire the way he copes with various difficulties, Superhero slots are just for you.

Charles Fey

Early Days

Charles Fey, a Bavarian by birth in 1862 in Vohringen, a hamlet in Bavaria. With a good mechanically oriented brain and a keen sense of devotion and desire to do well, he became the founding father of the slot machine era. He had a chequered life and lived up to 1944. Creator of Liberty Bell, the first ever reel slot machine.

Fey worked with his brother Edmund in a factory making farm tools in Munich for some time. Not happy with his strict father and not willing to be forced to join German Army, he wanted to go to America, the land of opportunities beckoning him.Fey's uncle settled down in New Jersey much before Fey was born and made a successful living there. Fey planned his emigration well evenwhen he was fifteen.

He walked into France to earn his passage to England, then worked there 5 years and saved the needed amont tocross over Atlantic. Wherever he worked, it was always a technical employment in France intercmmunication device maker, and with a nautical maker in England.

As an American

Reaching New York, he stayed with his uncle who, however decided to leave America for his native country. With no place to live and due to the severe winter in that part of America, Fey went to San Francisco in 1885 and started his life as a mechanic. He contacted TB and was predicted to live for a yearonly. Fey survived and joined California Electric Works, he was 25 then. He changed his name to Charles Fey, married a native girl Marie Volkmar and had a family of 3 girlsand a boy. Fey developed his first slot machine in 1884, seeing the early version in operation in San Francisco. It was similar to one made earlierby another maker of slot machine.

A plaque in Fey's memory and his first slot machine The Liberty Bell as installed in his factory in 1980 though it was replaced by another one in 1983. In 1997, The same thing was done in his old school in Vohringen.

In the year1894, he quit his job along with a colleague Theodore Holtz and started to manufacture of electric and communication equipments. The company was situated in the same block in Schultze's factory, supplied parts for slot machines to Schultze . he moved to Berkeley in 1895 and made his 2nd machine called 4-11-44 based on a famous lottery game called 'Policy'. The machine paid a maximum of $5.The success of the machine prompted to make slot machines exclusively. He sold his holdings in the electrical manufacturing company to his partner, who became his competitor in slot machines afterwards.